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take off your shoes, empty your pockets


to gain time at the door after the declaration of the state of emergency in france, in november 13th 2015, matteo souzicqs took off his shoes, emptied his pockets, scanned all the objects he found, and made a small book out of all the things he usually carries around

during the period of the state of emergency, he handed out this booklet to all security guards before getting into museums, libraries, concert halls, bars, train stations, etc.

this edition is the only physical object that is left of his performance


first published in 2015
republication in 2018
12 x 8cm
soft cover
38 pages
paper 115g.
edition of 300

price: eur 14,-
(shipping excluded)

to order:
please send us an email to souzicqseditions@gmail.com

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